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The divine angels of abundance shine their light around us and more material support is brought to us.

The Battle Between Good and Evil

If we give selflessly, without holding back, we will receive. Thank you, angels of abundance, for blessing my life with your presence and support. I choose to receive what I deserve and share my gifts with the world in any way I can! Happiness is our function. We want to be at peace, we want to feel comfortable, we want to enjoy life. They love to see us smile and laugh. They love high energy and are attracted to it like iron filings to a magnet.

When we are low or depressed, on the other hand, a cloud gets in the way of our connection to the angels. So, if you are feeling lonely and unsupported, watch something funny, be around friends who make you smile, do something fun!

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When we laugh and express joy, angels will join us. When we lose sight of happiness, we lose our true function: to be a bringer of joy. And angels respond.

As we cut shapes and move to our favourite beats with joy in our hearts, angels encircle us. They watch us loving life and they join the party.

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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Asking Questions

Invite your angels in today and thank them for being present on your love train. Thank them for bringing you the joy of life and hooking you up with your divine and only function: to be happy and express happiness. When you send out your intention, it will be heard. Prepare to laugh! Thank you, angels of happiness and joy, for lighting up my life with your presence so that I can express my true function: to be happy! Today I take the time to express my joy and recognize I will attract more and more!

Angels can help end conflict and bring peace.

When a situation gets heated and negative, we lose touch with our true essence. Most of the time, conflict arises from our fear and our selfishness. It is created when we see something in a different way from another person. Communication breaks down, anger sets in, grievances take place and love is forgotten. Angels encourage us to stop fighting, to stand down in the heat of the moment and to take ourselves away from the conflict. We have to do it another way. We can call on angels to bring harmony and peace to a situation of course, but when we do that we have to trust, we have to believe, we have to surrender.

When we surrender, we take a step back and allow the divine to take its course. We allow the angels to perform their duties and miracles. The one thing that angels are dedicated to is fairness. If we feel that someone should be punished for something, or pay a karmic debt, then we are unfortunately coming from the wrong space. If we want negative things to happen to them then we too are far from being our true self.

Thank you, dear angels, for surrounding my home, family, relationships and career in your harmonious light so that I can live to my full potential!

Thank you, angels, for surrounding me, this situation and everyone involved in love and harmony so that we can find a peaceful solution. Forgiveness is the key to all our challenges. It is a bridge to a deeper awareness of the divine and ultimately ourselves.

Urban Dictionary: Angel

This huge wall stands between us and love. When we find it difficult to forgive, we are seeing ourselves as separate from God. We are never separate from God, but resentment can make us think so. If you find forgiveness challenging, angels can help you. These divine beings will help you see through their eyes — and they never hold any grievances. But according to the angels, forgiveness is an act of self-love, because when we forgive another person, or even ourselves, we let go of resentment and toxic thoughts, and these thoughts and feelings can cause more problems than we can even imagine.

It has allowed me to see clearly, it has allowed me to experience life and it has opened the doors to peace. The angels are encouraging you now to let go of your shoulda, woulda, coulda thoughts. Just think about it: would you rather have the toxicity of challenges or the freedom that forgiveness brings?

This book is my story combined with insights, lessons and techniques for you to learn how to connect with, see, sense and know your angels and their messages for you. This book is unique in that I tell how angels came into my life and lead me to my purpose, how my spiritual sight opened up in the wilds of Australia and how I went from complete poverty to abundance along the way. From backpacking in the outback to beginning my business there is comedy, trauma, tragedy and heartache along the way!

Available as a hard copy here , on amazon. I will sign your copy if you ask! One morning a strange voice ordered Rachel Scoltock to stop her car on a windy mountain road.