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Others claim he was murdered in an extrajudicial killing. He and Ensslin were lovers. She was involved in bank raids and arson. She helped free Baader from police custody on April 30, Ensslin was given three times life imprisonment when charged at Stammheim. She died in Stammheim prison on 18 October Accounts of her death vary.

Some state she committed suicide in prison by hanging. Others claim she was murdered in an extrajudicial killing. She and Baader were lovers. She was a well-known journalist who wrote for and was editor of konkret. She helped free Andreas Baader from police custody on 30 April She was involved in car theft , arson and bank robbery. She was arrested. Meinhof was given an eight-year prison sentence for freeing Baader. She was found hanged in her prison cell on 9 May The formal claim was "suicide by hanging", though the autopsy report was controversial.

Jan-Carl Raspe 24 July — 18 October was an early member of the Baader-Meinhof gang and was captured a short while before both Holger Meins and Andreas Baader were arrested in Frankfurt in he had been the driver of their Porsche Targa. Holger Meins 26 October — 9 November was a leftist cinematography student in West Germany and was tired of being harassed by police over his political views.

He joined the Baader-Meinhof gang quite early on along with Beate Sturm and was seen somewhat as a leading member. In prison the Baader-Meinhof gang called for a hunger strike , as they felt they were being treated unfairly by the government. Meins died on 11 November as a result of the hunger strike. He weighed less than pounds at the time of his death; he was over six feet 1. His death sparked rage amongst RAF members everywhere.

Proll was involved in bank robbery and also was an expert car thief. She was arrested in Hamburg on 6 May and was imprisoned but released for health reasons. However, she quickly absconded to England where she worked in various jobs.

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Proll was discovered and arrested by the Special Branch in and returned to West Germany in to fight her case there. She was given five-and-a-half years imprisonment on account of bank robbery and falsifying documents. However she had already spent at least two-thirds of that time in German and English prisons, and therefore was released immediately. She did not rejoin the Red Army Faction.

40 years after 'the German Autumn': who were the RAF terror group?

Ingrid Schubert 27 November — 13 November was involved in freeing Baader from police custody in along with Gudrun Ensslin , Ulrike Meinhof , Irene Goergens and Peter Homann and also took part in a few bank raids. Later that year police discovered an RAF hideout in Berlin and entered the hideout to find Schubert there. She produced fake ID but when searched a gun was found on her person. She was subsequently arrested and sentenced to thirteen years in prison for freeing Baader.

After Meinhof's death in Schubert was transferred to Stammheim to soothe and console Ensslin; she was then transferred to Stadelheim Prison in Munich after Ensslin, Jan-Carl Raspe and Andreas Baader all supposedly committed suicide on 18 October Two weeks later on 13 November Schubert too was found dead, hanging in her prison cell. In he was charged and acquitted with assaulting a Springer journalist. Later, on 2 March , Weissbecker, along with Carmen Roll, was stopped by police outside a hotel in Augsburg.

Weissbecker was shot dead by the police when he reached into his pocket, supposedly to grab his gun. However Stefan Aust claims that he was simply reaching into his pocket to produce ID. They claimed responsibility for the bombings in the name of the 'Tommy Weissbecker Kommando'. She travelled to Jordan alongside the rest of the Faction and trained in urban guerrilla warfare with the PLO in May The police gave chase and forced her BMW off the road. Schelm and Hoppe ran off in different directions.

Hoppe was followed by a police helicopter and was caught and arrested, but Schelm did not surrender. She threw away a jacket she was holding to reveal a handgun and fired at the police, but the police returned fire. Jillian Becker states that Schelm was killed by a burst of gunfire from a submachine gun , but Stefan Aust states that it was a single bullet wound to the head that killed Schelm.

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Some RAF members called for retribution for Schelm's death. She was buried at a cemetery in Spandau. At her funeral, fifty or so youths laid a red flag on her grave, though policemen later came and removed it. She claimed responsibility in the name of the Commando 15 July the date of Petra Schelm's death in honour of Schelm. After her release she was arrested again on 2 July in Frankfurt, after several RAF members accidentally discharged a gun into the apartment below their safehouse.

By a large number of the core members of the Baader-Meinhof Gang had been captured and imprisoned. However, new members swelled the dwindling ranks of the Gang.

These revolutionaries mostly had similar backgrounds to the first generation, e. Most of them joined the Gang after their own groups dissolved e. The SPK, the leftist, 'therapy-through-violence' group, dissolved in , and those members who had turned militant forged links and joined with the Baader-Meinhof Gang. Siegfried Hausner [9] 24 January — 5 May was a leading member of the SPK especially involved with explosives. He took part in a bombing of the Axel Springer Verlag in and was the leader of the West German embassy siege in Stockholm in , when he was fatally injured after TNT wiring the embassy was accidentally detonated.

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Sieglinde Hofmann [10] born 14 March became an important figure of the second generation RAF and was personally involved in the kidnap and murder of Hanns-Martin Schleyer , his driver and three accompanying policemen. He joined the Red Army Faction with his militant girlfriend Elisabeth von Dyck and was involved in at least one bank robbery in December in Kaiserslautern — alongside Ingeborg Barz and Wolfgang Grundmann.

She was the only female member involved in the siege.

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Her role during the siege was to guard the hostages. She was arrested when the siege failed and was sentenced on 20 July , to twice life imprisonment. She was released from prison in , after serving 21 years.

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Friederike Krabbe born 31 May was born in Bad Bentheim. She is the younger sister of Hanna-Elise Krabbe, another member. Friederike Krabbe studied psychology , pedagogy and sociology in Berlin from to and then went on to study medicine for a while in Heidelberg. Around this time Krabbe disappeared, and her whereabouts are still unknown today. She was especially involved in 'working circle explosives' in which she achieved limited success with Siegfried Hausner when they managed to manufacture a small amount of TNT in December in the University Institute of Physiology.

In February Roll, along with Hausner, planned to bomb the President of the Federal Republic's special train in Heidelberg station, but she arrived too late with the explosives, and the plot failed. Weissbecker was shot dead and Roll was eventually arrested. Two weeks later to sedate her when she resisted fingerprinting she was given a near-fatal dose of ether by prison doctors. In Roll was freed from prison. She moved to Italy and became a nurse. Lutz Taufer [9] born March had links with the SPK, and he protested against the supposed torture of political prisoners in the Federal Republic in He was subsequently imprisoned.

He was released in Taufer has been living in Brazil with his sister since She was born in Nuremberg. Before the German MoD confirmed that the F was officially out of the running, Reuters on Thursday reported that the ministry was considering splitting the buy between the Typhoon and either the F or Super Hornet. Ordering both the Typhoon and an American aircraft would make it easier to continue carrying out the NATO nuclear mission, while also lending support to the European industrial base. However, it could complicate logistics, adding more expense and forcing the German Air Force to maintain two supply chains.

That is especially the case for the nuclear mission. Sign up for the Early Bird Brief, the defense industry's most comprehensive news and information, straight to your inbox. By giving us your email, you are opting in to the Early Bird Brief. German defense officials on Thursday evening stressed that no decisions had been made besides reducing the playing field to the FA and the Eurofighter Typhoon. The MoD will request additional information from the respective manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, on the issues of operations, economic viability and timing, these officials said.

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