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The spread of the concept of addiction to other substances, notably nicotine, occurred only in recent decades. Clinical descriptions and diagnostic guidelines ICD, published in , 32 contains a category for tobacco dependence, whereas the previous classification, the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision ICD 9 , 33 devised in the mid s, had no such specific category and offered only a category for nicotine abuse.

During the preparation of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 3rd ed, revised.

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Cultural history suggests that our relationship with drugs is more complex than the paradigm of the laboratory rat that is trained to self-administer cocaine. In most cases, we actively seek addictive drugs, and are not passive vietims. Addictive behavior results from the conjunction of a substance and a personality. Addiction is not only a substance, but the way a person uses it.

Good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used.

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There is no resting equilibrium on unanimous beliefs. It has been common to observe, at the same time and in the same place, the confrontation of opposing attitudes on issues such as: strict vs broad definition of addiction eg including gambling or not ; laissez-faire or prohibition; punishing or treating the addict; and individual responsibility.

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Journal List Dialogues Clin Neurosci v. Dialogues Clin Neurosci. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Our taste for addictive psychoactive substances is attested to in the earliest human records. Keywords: addiction , dependence , drug , history , culture. Abstract En los primeros registros humanos hay testimonios de nuestro gusto por sustancias psicoactivas adictivas. Addictive substances and cultural patterns of use Schematically, psychoactive substances have been used 1 in religious ceremonies by priests; ii for medicinal purposes; or iii massively, as staple commodities, by large segments of the population in a socially approved way.

Religions use Priests or shamans have ingested plants for millennia to induce states of dissociative trance. Medicinal use Some drugs have been used as medications for most of human history. Recreational use Some potentially addictive drugs have been used by a significant proportion of the population on a regular basis, to the point that they have been considered staple commodities. Devising more potent compounds In the course of history, many psychotropic plants have been refined and administered through new routes, allowing faster access to the brain in higher concentrations.

The historical roots of addiction medicine Chronological milestones Abnormal patterns of substance use have been described since antiquity, at least since Alexander the Great's deathin BC was precipitated by years of heavy drinking. Addiction - history of a word The definition of addiction has evolved over time. Conclusion - a complex illness Cultural history suggests that our relationship with drugs is more complex than the paradigm of the laboratory rat that is trained to self-administer cocaine. Vetulani J. Drug addiction. Part I. Psychoactive substances in the past and present.

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Drugs, Addiction and Initiation : The Modern Search for Ritual

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A Short History of the Art of Distillation. Leiden, the Netherlands: E. Brill; [ Google Scholar ]. Keller M. A historical overview of alcohol and alcoholism. Cancer Res. O'Brien JM. Alexander and Dionysus: the invisible enemy. Ann Scholarship. Wassenberg K. Available at: www.

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Accessed August Hubner M. Gerritsen JW. Leiden, the Netherlands: Brill; [ Google Scholar ]. Engstrom EJ. Emil Kraepelin: Psychiatry and public affairs in Wilhelmine Germany. Hist Psychiatry. Gina and I had met each other in an ayahuasca ceremony along our own, individual, enthusiastic paths and had taken an immediate liking to each other.

We had sat in ceremonies together and traveled to the jungle in Ecuador. We were fast friends. She was interested in iboga but had no experience with it.

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In the weeks leading up to our departure, Gina and I spent our days jumping through all of the logistical hoops of visas, vaccinations, and payments. The information was sparse and we unearthed conflicting reports about his facility. We did know that, in the past couple of years, two people had died while undergoing initiations with him.

Yo was matter-of-fact and forthright about it when we asked. He would later become a spiritual father to me and I would come to trust him with my life. But for now, all we knew was that we were wiring money to Africa and having faith that everything would be ok.