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Schlendrian Du loses Liesgen du, So gibst du mir denn alles zu? Recitative B S Schlendrian If you don't give up coffee for me, you won't go to any wedding parties, or even go out for walks. Only leave my coffee alone! Schlendrian Now I've got the little monkey! I will buy you no whalebone dress of the latest fashion. Liesgen I can easily put up with that. Liesgen This too; but be merciful and let my coffee stay!

Schlendrian You'll also not receive from my hand a silver or gold ribbon for your bonnet! Just leave me my pleasure! Schlendrian You naughty Liesgen, you grant all of that to me?

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Doch trifft man den rechten Ort, O! Aria B Girls of stubborn mind are not easily won over. But if the right spot is touched, Oh! Then one can happily get far.

Liesgen In allem, nur den Coffee nicht. Herr Vater, einen Mann! Liesgen Bis ich den Coffee lassen kann? Coffee, bleib nur immer liegen! First, Goldilocks tried Father Bear's bed, but she did not like it. Then she tried Mother Bear's bed, but she did not like it either.

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Finally, she tried Baby Bear's bed. Soon, the bears returned from their walk, ready to eat their breakfast.

But they were surprised to see, that the spoons already laid in their porridge bowls. Then, the three bears saw that their chairs had been used. The three bears ran up the stairs to check their bedroom.

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When she saw the three angry bears she got a big fright. A breath of fresh air! Bombarded with information from morning to night, it is easy to get caught up in drama, horrifying news and a state of paranoia. German hip hop duo ers talk about this unsettling feeling that something terrible is always about to happen.

"Mieze" in English

Who would say that such a strong topic could give us such a vibrant song? Born in Berlin in , Lot is an intriguing pop singer who is far from chasing after glamour and gold. Proof of this is that he is still signed to an independent label to this day Department Musik and has no intention of changing.

You might be impressed to know his background was actually in classical music and that he is a talented pianist! Since the song is somewhat repetitive, it is also a great chance to sing along! Matz Wagemann does not play around. As a teenager he was already touring Europe as a trombonist with jazz orchestras. The perfect song to lift your mood and make you feel the way you were always meant to feel — like pure dynamite! Ich bin Dynamit! It is a famous hit by now, both because of its catchy beat and because of its cheerful topic.

Cro, a German musician, producer and designer from Mutlangen famous for his panda mask, sings about the wonders of falling in love, wanting to see the world with your loved one and hoping they feel the same for you. A colourful theme to make us feel alive! Literally: Usain Bolt is the name of a Jamaican sprinter and Olympic athlete who is considered by many to be the best of all time.

He has since retired, but holds several world records! Berliner singer and rapper Teesy is not about to let you criticize his dreams anymore!

Regardless of what people say, he is living life as he wishes and keeps pursuing his goals. A useful message for a day in which you need motivation!

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The land of mountains also has a lot to offer musically. After all, why should great music exclude having a sense of humour? His videos are controversial and sometimes even disturbing, but always intense and provocative. The result is a unique hit! Sometimes we get caught up in the cycle of wanting more, getting more and feeling unsatisfied all over again. In our opinion, this alternative rock band from Bautzen still has a lot to give…so keep an eye on them! Directly from Stuttgart, German musician Max Herre joins forces with Cro and Clueso, who are also German artists, to tell us about how being in love can be simple, light on our shoulders and so joyful that it feels like flying.