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They can also harbor moisture, which in the case of decks can cause premature rotting and staining. A pile of brush can provide habitat to small critters, or, of course, you could always plant a tree.

What To Do With Fall Leaves

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    Researchers at MSU suggested using a rotary mower that pulverizes leaves well, such as a mulching mower or a mower with the discharge opening covered, and with the mower height adjusted to a high setting. Leaves should be dry and mowed slowly with a sharp blade to grind leaves fine. If leaves are still in large pieces, go over the lawn again at right angles to the first pass.

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    Pulverized leaves will filter into the lawn, adding nutrients, conserving moisture and reducing weeds. Forum file photo. The optimum time to mulch the leaves is when you can still see some green grass through the fallen leaves, rather than letting the leaves gather too thickly. If leaves accumulate in a layer too thick to mulch, an option is to rotate by raking or bagging one week, then mulching the next.

    The beneficial effects of mulching leaves back into the lawn are most noticeable after following the practice for several years. Leaves are a natural soil-builder as they decompose.


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    If your yard has too many leaves to mulch into the lawn, you can put the bagger attachment on, collect the leaves and spread the mulch on flower beds and gardens, incorporating it into the soil. Microorganisms will break down the organic materials, improve soil health and release nutrients. Mulched leaves will biodegrade and disappear by spring.

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    Well, there you have it. Raking leaves may soon be relegated to nostalgia and Normal Rockwell prints. Readers can reach him at kinzlerd casscountynd. Trending Articles.