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The Zone is a large and varied area consisting of wilderness, human settlements, and several heavily-guarded military bases. However, the game world is not a true contiguous world, but rather 18 different maps separated by loading screens. Transfer from one area of the Zone to another can only be accomplished at certain specific passageways; barbed-wire fences and geographic features block players from attempting to cross the map in other areas.

The game lacks controllable vehicles although vehicles are programmed in the game code, they are not available without the use of a third-party modification , so players are required to go from place to place on foot. A sprint option using a limited stamina bar can be used to temporarily increase the player's rate of movement, though this is reduced by the weight of objects the player is carrying and weapons cannot be fired while sprinting. It is possible to sprint indefinitely by using artifacts and keeping below a certain weight limit 50kg.

Finally, S. Choices made by the player within the storyline will greatly affect the different ending sequences. The game opens on a convoy carrying a large amount of unconscious stalkers, for the most part deceased. The truck is later struck by lightning and crashes on the side of the road.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

The next morning, an anonymous stalker finds the protagonist alive, bearing a S. Sidorovich finds a PDA in the anonymous survivor's pockets, containing an entry reading "Kill Strelok ". The stalker then suddenly wakes up. The anonymous and amnesic stalker, dubbed as Marked One as a reference to his tattoo by Sidorovich, is told that he is so far the only stalker bearing such tattoo to survive the " death trucks ".

Sidorovich, however, makes clear that he hasn't rescued the Marked One for nothing, and asks him to do him some favors to repay. The Marked One must first rescue a stalker named Nimble , held as an hostage by a group of hostile bandits , and give Sidorovich Nimble's flash drive containing precious information. Once given the flash drive, Sidorovich tells the Marked One more about Strelok. Strelok and his group are known to have been the first stalkers to reach the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant , the center of the Zone, where the legendary Wish Granter is supposedly located.

Sidorovich then informs the Marked One that he and other traders are trying to find a mean of opening the way to the north, towards the power plant, which blocked by the Brain Scorcher , a mysterious location that emits psi waves powerful enough to cause intense brain damage to anyone coming too close.

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The first step of getting rid of the Scorcher is to steal classified documents from a military base in the Agroprom Research Institute , which is the Marked One's next task. At the same time, Sidorovich informs him about a stalker named Fox who supposedly knows something about Strelok. The Marked One helps Fox deal with a group of mutants, before being pointed towards a man named Seriy in the Garbage area.

After helping Seriy against a group of bandits, he thanks the Marked One by telling him about a stalker named Mole. Eventually the Marked One reaches the Agroprom area. However the military has already launched a raid against Mole's stalkers. The Marked One helps Mole and his group pushing back the soldiers before evacuating. Mole leads the Marked One to the entrance of the Agroprom Underground , while telling him Strelok has a hideout in the underground. Fighting his way through bandits and soldiers, the Marked One finds the hideout, containing various supplies as well as a flash drive, allowing him to identify two of Strelok's close friends: Fang , who turns out to be deceased, and Ghost.

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The Marked One later breaches in the military camp to find the documents, and brings them to a stalker known as Barkeep , the owner of the Rads bar in Rostok , the territory of the Duty faction. The documents reveal further information about a former laboratory known as Lab X The Barkeep however only owns one of the two keys to the laboratory, and has the Marked One find the other, held by the Bandits leader Borov in the Dark Valley.

While there, the Marked One is able to provide help to a Duty stalker named Bullet to rescue two other captive Dutyers. The Marked One raids the bandits' base and kills Borov, allowing him to secure the second key, before proceeding inside the laboratory X Using keycodes found on the bodies of dead former members of the research team, the Marked One finds yet more documents revealing that the laboratory was used to conduct experiments related to psi emissions, and was abandoned after being overrun by the mutated test subjects.

However, as he grabs the documents, the Marked One falls unconscious and has a vision of Strelok standing in front of the Sarcophagus. As he wakes up, the area however has been invaded by the Special Forces. The Marked One then escapes the area, while cutting through the Cordon - where Sidorovich can provide the player another mission to retrieve documents from the Military checkpoint. The Marked One delivers the X documents to Barkeep. The Marked One then reaches Yantar through the Wild Territory , where he is able to escort Professor Kruglov and protect him against hostile mercenaries.

Sakharov informs the player of the existence of Lab X beneath the Yantar factory, and that the laboratory apparently hosts a powerful Kaymanov emitter similar to the Brain Scorcher, able to zombify nearby humans.

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Sakharov first asks the player to help Kruglov or Semenov in case Kruglov died take radiation measurements in order to help Sakharov make a Psi-helmet which provides its user an efficient protection against psi emissions. Depending on if the player manages to complete the mission or not, the player will be able to get a better psi-protection helmet providing more effective protection. With the helmet in his possession, the Marked One finds the body of Vasiliev , who was supposed to get into Lab X with Ghost, then enters the laboratory.

Protected from the intense emissions with Sakharov's helmet, the Marked One disables the emitter, resulting in him losing consciousness again, where he has another vision of Strelok, after being healed by his friend Doctor , wanting to return once again to the "north".

After disabling the emitter, the Marked One finds the body of Ghost who was hired by Sakharov to cover Vasiliev, but was left behind and was killed by a Controller , and learns that Ghost was scheduled to meet with Guide. The Marked One heads back to the hideout in the Agroprom Underground and as he enters the hideout, he triggers a booby trap that nearly kills him. He is rescued by Doc who informs him that he the Marked One was Strelok all along. Doc tells Strelok that the Wish Granter is a fly trap and asks him to investigate, while giving him a key to the Pripyat Hotel containing the decoder that can open a door within the sarcophagus.

After bringing the documents to Barkeep, Strelok heads for the heavily-defended Red Forest , defended by Monolith fanatics, extremely fanatical stalkers who worship the Wish Granter, referring to it as the Monolith, and kill anyone attempting to access it.

Strelok reaches the Lab X beneath the antennas and disables the antennas, where he has a final vision of Strelok crawling inside the sarcophagus, facing the Wish Granter. With the antennas deactivated, Strelok heads for the abandoned city of Pripyat , the final stop before the power plant, after being informed by the Barkeep that a group of experts Loners will help him fight through the city. The pressure is on at this stage.

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Pripyat has been turned into a street war between Loners, Duty, Freedom , Mercenaries , Military Special Forces and the Monolith faction, which tries to contain the recently-arrived stalkers from reaching the center of the Zone within the heavily-fortified city. A group of expert Loners helps Strelok push through the war-torn streets, having to face many problems.

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  • Strelok has to survive multiple Monolith ambushes until he reaches an underground car park, where he and the Loners split up. After making his way through the Palace of Culture , the Monolith faction's main headquarters, the only thing that's left is the old stadium , the final stop in the city before reaching the outskirts of the nuclear power plant. Strelok eventually makes his way to the Chernobyl facility, also held and viciously fortified by Monolith forces. As he arrives, the military launches an operation codenamed "Monolith", another attempt to take control of the center of the Zone, resulting in a three-way firefight between the Monolith fighters protecting the site, the army experts and Strelok himself.

    Forced to take cover in the sarcophagus as an emission is about to strike, Strelok discovers the giant Wish Granter artifact within the destroyed reactor as well as a secret laboratory underneath it, where he is once again confronted by the Monolith, who are swarming in the sarcophagus.

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    There is harsh resistance, but Strelok pulls through. Inside the heavily defended lab is a large holographic terminal, through which an entity calling itself the " Common Consciousness " communicates.

    It readily answers Strelok's questions, revealing what it is, who Strelok is, and the events prior to his amnesia. In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, the Soviet Union decided to use the Exclusion Zone for special research into the human mind. The USSR was dissolved in , however the new independant Ukraine was powerless in putting an end to the Soviet experiments within the Zone, allowing the scientists to continue on with their research on the human mind unhindered. The scientists' work eventually led to the discovery of the noosphere , an invisible field of energy surrounding the Earth linked by, affected by and affecting human minds and thoughts.

    Soon the scientific breakthroughs that began to take place influenced the researchers to find a way to influence humanity psychically on a global scale using the Noosphere, by removing negative factors such as cruelty. This led to the eventual formation of a hivemind of seven neurally linked scientists known as the Common Consciousness. The first intervention took place on March 4, and failed due to a power outage. A month later, on April 12, the experiment was performed again and this time it continued until its completion.

    However, it did not have the desired effect - instead, the generators used by the experiment created a rift in the Noosphere and allowed it to directly affect the biosphere, creating a large area where physical laws were outright broken and mysterious phenomena not understood by modern science manifested themselves - the Zone.

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    However soon the new and extraordinary phenomena induced by the noosphere attracted illegal personnel known as "stalkers", scientists, and the military. In order to defend itself from external intrusions, believing that humanity is not ready for the truth, the C-Consciousness erected the Wish Granter in the destroyed reactor 4, and used the powerful Brain Scorcher antennas to block the roads to the center of the Zone. Other means of protection included the Monolith faction, which is mostly comprised of former stalkers brainwashed by the Brain Scorcher's psi emissions into serving the C-Consciousness, and the emissions , which were used by the scientists to both release the excess of energy within the noosphere and defend themselves from intrusions.

    Rumors of the Wish Granter began to spread throughout the Zone. A group of four stalkers, Strelok, Ghost, Fang, and Doc, attempted to reach the Wish Granter by battling on their way to Chernobyl, but after encountering the fanatical Monolith faction and a code-locked door inside the sarcophagus, they were forced to retreat - Strelok was heavily wounded by an emission during the escape. The group attempted a second journey to the center, however Fang was killed in the meantime, and Ghost was killed at Yantar after a job for Sakharov gone wrong.

    Strelok, alone, made his way to the Sarcophagus by himself, only to be intercepted by the Clear Sky faction and their ally Scar at the plant. In the midst of the final confrontation, the C-Consciousness released a powerful emission to defend itself, wiping out most of the Clear Sky fighters. Strelok, knocked unconscious by the resulting emission, was discovered by the C-Consciousness; unaware of his identity, it had him brainwashed, reprogrammed him and mistakenly assigned him the task of killing himself.

    On the way out of the Zone the truck carrying the still unconscious Strelok was destroyed in a lightning storm and he was discovered by another passing stalker, leading to his discovery by Sidorovich. Once the C-Consciousness has finished answering Strelok's questions he is given a choice: merge with the C-Consciousness to ensure its continued existence, or stop the C-Consciousness from continuing its experiments.