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  • 2. Think clear, concise and kind when communicating;
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  • Sagacity : Wisdom Teachings of the Sages of the Ages for Contemporary Use;

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Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Test your knowledge of these commonly confused words! Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? This often leads to misunderstandings and chaotic email threads that leave everyone cc'd stressed and confused. Successful leaders make effective communication a priority by thinking about the message they want to send and then coming up with a clear, concise and kind way of letting those listening know what they need, how it needs to be done and then giving feedback on how satisfied they are with the results of the exchange.

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We live in a globally-connected world where other talented, creative and interesting professionals are more accessible than ever before. Why then are some business owners still micromanaging the talent out of highly-skilled team members who could make their business better if given the space and trust to do their best work?

Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson value the skills of their team members and aren't afraid to delegate. As Branson points out , even if you are a specialist in every area in your business from design and social media to accounting and sales, the reality is that you are only one person and cannot do it all alone. An added bonus of delegation?

step up (one's) game

Your team members will feel empowered and respected which will make them more productive. The definition of reliable is to be "consistently good in quality or performance [and] able to be trusted".

You don't need a detailed explanation as to how having your own name associated with this kind of statement will benefit your reputation and career. Best of all, reliability is easy once you commit to it. Im an extreme competetive person. I have not a single problem to lose against a better player. But im going to rage as fuck only towards myself if i lose while i underperform.

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Once i kicked a Dart like a fucking Football it stuck straight up on the floor because it bounced out the Double i needed to check. Im trying to work on it since so many years but im not able to take it more relaxed.

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My work around is, laugh at yourself. Make yourself the joke of the convo. I learnt that and iy helped my mental alot.

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My friends and would laugh at how badly I'm throwing. It eases up the pressure from the issue and well helps you recover for the next round and leg. I wont get mad or out of focus if the opponent throws good, but im totally losing my shit if i throw worse than i can. When I first started playing it was at work.

One other guy was just starting the same time as me and three other guys had limited experience a couple of years before when they had a board up in the office. So I was never playing someone that good. Even a ton was pretty rare. After a couple of months I started playing webcam darts and the first time someone hit a against me I fell apart and started trying to hard to hit big scores.