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That divide is why NFL coaches like Bill Belichick, Andy Reid and others have specifically negotiated for control over personnel in their contracts. Both men, however, crossed a bright red line with both feet.

  1. The extremely heavy element was just confirmed by scientists in Sweden.!
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And now both are among the ranks of former MLS coaches. Also a contributor for MLSsoccer.

Transfermium Wars

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Guyton de Morveau called alum, a base which had been known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, by the name alumine. Davy identified the existence of aluminum, but he didn't isolate the element. The person who discovers an element gets the privilege of naming it; however, with this element, the identity of the discoverer is as disputed as the name.

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However, the accepted spelling in North America is aluminum, while the accepted spelling just about everywhere else is aluminium. Share Flipboard Email.

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  2. The strange rules that dictate how new elements get their names.
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Share facebook twitter email print Element Electronics used patriotic imagery to market its TVs, but in actuality was manufacturing its sets in China while making minor changes at its facility in South Carolina. In , we even found one TV that clearly read "Made in China" on its back panel.

Photo by AAM There's a lot more going on. Let's break things down. But I digress.

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Back to Element Electronics. Unfortunately, things were not quite as they seemed.

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