Guide The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything is Possible

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With the right team anything is possible. The authors of the Team Approach contend that there are stunning parallels between the forces of teamwork that are observable in nature and what we see in modern organizations. Mother Nature and history are both powerful teachers as they have combined over and over again to demonstrate that teamwork is ageless and timeless. The authors illustrate and elaborate on the key building blocks of teamwork in virtually any setting through their Diamond Model of Teamwork.

This remarkably clear and easy to understand model will help anyone form and develop a team that is capable of unbelievable achievements.

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The elements that make up the Diamond Model of Teamwork are universal. The principles and skills described in the Team Approach can help any kind of team make the leap to the next level. Starcevich, Ph.

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There is no secret recipe for success. The following is a partial list of topics that we explore in these texts:. Need More Information? Please fill out the following form and we will be in contact with you with more information. Above all, the courage to simply try out new things, not to be afraid of failure.

This led to novel and creative solutions. The courage to criticize existing solutions and then improve on them considerably. And, the courage to venture into new, unknown topics.

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It is a myth that in an equitable team there should be no leader. Why not let Mr P. Or trust T.

It is important that the rest of the team supports these initiatives and trusts its "temporary leader". And of course, "temporary" is the magic word: if the same people always have the lead, the team will not grow together.

The Team Approach: With Teamwork Anything Is Possible

Who says that you can only do good work with a cool head, as objective and sober as possible? In our team back then, we were united by a passion for the shared goal. And the enthusiasm for the various technologies was also there quickly after the first fears of getting started had been overcome. It was particularly helpful here that the team colleagues gave each other support. Agree on small goals. For a great collaboration it is particularly helpful to agree on clear, small-step goals, such as: Where do we want to stand by the end of today?

This also makes it easier to remain transparent when it comes to assessing progress: the result is a clear, small-step goal: Have we achieved our "daily goal"? Are we on the right track? Have we gotten distracted somewhere? Do we have to change anything?

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And so, the achievement of these small goals can also be an important driver for motivation in the entire team. Error culture.

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You can't mention it too often: Don't be afraid of mistakes! Mistakes help. Mistakes are the chance, to become smarter and to learn. If I learned one thing from this project, it is this: Real teams are an unbelievably powerful booster for better results. And the prerequisites that are enabling this all, are determined by the environment within which a team works. This is what finally made the above points possible.

These three factors were all given in our case. The team had full autonomy in designing the solutions. There was - despite time pressure - enough freedom to learn new things and to grow personally and as a team. And there was a clear, common and meaningful goal around which the team could gather.