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Space-borne quantum photon source to secure communication

Try again? Cited by. Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Article type: Paper. DOI: Ligand geometry-directed assembly of seven entangled coordination polymers F.

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Hu, S. Wang, B. Wu, H. Yu, F.

Wang and J. Search articles by author Fei-Long Hu. Shu-Long Wang. Clearly, this rugged little box would survive a rocket launch and hold up under harsh off-planet conditions.

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For the first time researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena succeeded in developing a remarkably stable yet powerful quantum source. It can generate , entangled photon pairs per second when the light from a laser beam hits a non-linear crystal. These twinned light particles enable sensitive messages to be securely encrypted. This allows two communicating parties to produce and share keys and immediately detect if a third-party attempts to intercept their communication. If an unauthorized party tampers with the message, the two photons disentangle to reveal that a hacking attempt is underway.

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But why does the quantum source have to be in space? For example, Esau sells his birthright to Jacob.

Lasers illuminate quantum security loophole

As a result of the transaction, Esau loses his birthright and Jacob gains it—the symmetry is preserved! Your brother came with cunning and took your blessing. XXVII, And here comes an astonishing manifestation of true entanglement. Behold, I made him a master over you… and you shall serve your brother, and it will be, when you grieve, that you will break his yoke off your neck.

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We have seen this played out in Jewish history time and again. Behold, your brother Esau regrets [his relationship] to you [and wishes] to kill you…Why should I be bereft of both of you on one day? This is hard to understand. If Esau were to kill Jacob, Rebecca would lose only one son, as she would still have Esau. We can easily understand it from the point of view of quantum mechanics.

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One particle can destroy another particle, with which it is entangled only if it is its anti-particle, say, electron and positron. Symmetry plays a vitally important role in physics in general and in quantum mechanics in particular. However, symmetry breaking is even more important in quantum field theory and the Standard Model. In a particular type of symmetry breaking, called spontaneous symmetry breaking, the underlying laws remain invariant i. In the Torah portion Toldot, we have an example of such spontaneous symmetry breaking.

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And I loved Jacob. And I hated Esau… Malachi I, This is a beautiful example of spontaneous symmetry breaking. This concept plays out explicitly on Purim.

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  • Space-borne quantum photon source to secure communication.